Optum Store adds $55 telehealth visits

Optum's online marketplace, which aims to provide affordable healthcare products and services, now has virtual care visits. Optum Store is offering same-day virtual appointments for patients with COVID-19, allergies, acute pain, skin problems, sinus and ear infections, colds and other conditions. Patients with sprains, burns, cuts and bruises can also use the virtual service to consult a clinician. The virtual service also covers prescription refills of non-controlled substances as well as COVID-19 screenings and care triage. Virtual visits are a flat rate of $55. The visits last up to 20 minutes and patients can schedule or cancel online for free. Optum Store accepts only UnitedHealthcare member insurance but plans to add insurance carriers. The visits are health savings account and flexible spending account eligible. Optum Store's virtual care platform also includes mental health services. Patients can take a free assessment and then choose month-to-month treatment plans. Mental health services include online therapy and medication support. The subscription service for therapy is $309 per month and includes weekly 50-minute virtual sessions, unlimited messaging and the ability to switch therapists. Therapy and medication services cost $359 per month, which includes medications and delivery. Amazon and Walmart have direct-to-consumer telehealth services as well.

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