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Latest news from A Luxury Travel Blog (Q1, 2022)

Hello readers! I haven’t written an update in a while so I thought I would just do a post with some latest news from the blog.

TravMedia Awards

First off, I’m delighted to report that A Luxury Travel Blog has been shortlisted for another award. We’ve been lucky enough to be a finalist every year since the inaugural TravMedia Awards back in 2020, as well as in the TravMedia sit-UP Awards that preceded them. This year is no exception as I’m delighted to announce that A Luxury Travel Blog has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Influencer of the Year category. The Travmedia Awards ceremony will now be held on Tuesday 5 April at The Londoner, Leicester Square. Fingers crossed!


Secondly, those of you that read the blog regularly may have noticed a few changes. During lockdown, we started work on a series of new, SEO-optimised travel guides with a view to improving the site’s overall visibility. This has worked well with a number of guides already ranking highly in search results.

But it’s a big project and we still have a long way to go before we attain a comprehensive global coverage for all the destinations that we want to feature. If your destination isn’t yet covered, or you’d like to get invovled, please contact us .

You may also have noticed that the amount of regular blog content that we’re publishing is “on the up” with January 2022 looking like it will, in terms of blog posts published, be the busiest month for A Luxury Travel Blog since January 2014!

This has been helped in part by a number of new guest bloggers joining the site recently, reviving one or two regular posts that we used to run on the site, and the state of the industry being such that we can carry out more reviews.

Technical changes

One other thing that happened during lockdown was that we moved to a new hosting company. This wasn’t really planned but unfortunately the small hosting company we were with just decided to ‘call it a day’. They were also our point of contact for any technical requirements so, in addition to finding a new host, we also needed to find someone new to overseee some technical aspects of the blog.

We’ve done this now and are slowly working on revising a number of features on the site. For example, the relevancy of the ‘related posts’ that you see on each blog was never quite where I wanted it to be. If we had a blog post about the English Lake Disrict, and looked at the related content, we would get posts about Plitvice Lakes National Park (another ‘Lake District’ I suppose) or posts that were seemingly not related at all, when in fact we have lots of other posts about the English Lake District. I’m pleased to report that this has now been sorted and is working far more effectively and doing a better job at delivery useful and relevant related content. We will continue to work on other similar issues so that A Luxury Travel Blog providers readers with a better overall experience.

Behind the scenes

We’ve been working on a few areas to make it easier for luxury travel businesses to collaborate with us. Our on-site contact form is always a good starting point for this purpose – as is the industry channel of our mailing list – but we have also developed a number of Google Forms to better facilitate certain kinds of collaborations.

For anyone interested in having a professional travel writer and representative of A Luxury Travel Blog carry out first-hand reviews for destinations, DMOs, airlines, luxury hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and other accommodation providers, cruises, yachts, restaurants, attractions, tours, etc., please submit a request using this Google Form .

For retailers who would like to see physical products featured on A Luxury Travel Blog (think apparel/clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, food and drink, gadgets and tech, luggage, photography, sports gear, sunglasses, swimwear, travel accessories, watches, etc.), they can request coverage via this Google Form .

The future

After a bleak couple of years for the travel industry as a whole, we are very excited for what lies ahead for A Luxury Travel Blog. I believe travel is going to bounce back very strongly, particularly for the luxury sector – once it’s safely able to do so – and hopefully it isn’t going to be so long before we return to an industry that more closely resembles pre-pandemic levels than it does currently. The travel industry has proved its resilience many times before and this will be no exception.

Meanwhile, we shall continue to produce content that we hope is useful and provides you with plenty of future inspiration for the many travel experiences and adventures that lie ahead.

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